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I am a SAHM of 3 . Austin (11), Alyssa (3), and lil Hailey who is just a year old. I have a lil hobby that you all might be familiar with...SCRAPBOOKING!
I have been Digi Scrappin for almost 2 years now and Designing for a lil over a year, but I have been a Paint Shop Pro Addict for years.
You can find lotsa babbling and sometimes freebies and sales to my stores.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Yeahhhh!! My second favorite holiday of the year. I just love Halloween. I love dressin up and I love the looks on the kids faces. Daddy bought Aly a lil red riding hood costume and of course I had to try it on her last night and it looks soooo cute on her. I can't wait till tonight. I am prolly more excited then the kids HEHE. I am soooo excited that I fixed all the files to my Halloween kit and got it uploaded so it's allll ready Yahooo! I think I am gonna make some layouts using it in the morn when i get my pics on the puter. I have the batteries a chargin and I found my software for my camera so I can install it on the new puter. So picture takin here I come hehe. Well I am off to do some cleaning cuz I been so busy designing that I have been neglecting everything else lol. But I think I have come up with some awesome kits that I just can't wait to share. Hubby has been naming them for me cuz I am no good at that haha but hes awesome!! I love the names he comes up with. He's all into this scrapbooking thing now and it's so fun workin on it with him. Anyways I have to run I hope you all have a blast tonight!
Trick or Treat?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Bday Andrea! A day late.

Well Hubby and I were workin on the website non-stop this weekend and I didn't have much time to do anything else. I am so upset I didn't get to add this page in until now but I wanted to wish my good scrappin friend a very happy Birthday! It was her birthday yesterday. I just love Facebook for keepin me up with everyones Bdays hehe. I used one of my newest kits that will be in our store very soon!! YEAH!!! It's comin along fast and I can't wait to open. The pages at the top are some of my favs that Andrea has done.
I am gonna hook my old puter up this aft and get my old stuff put on disc so i can transfer it to this puter so I can have my Halloween kit ready for you all as promised. I am sooo excited about Halloween this year it should be the best yet. Aly is gettin soo old and just talks your ear off hehe. Soooo gettin her to say trick or treat should be easy this year. Still not too sure what shes gonna be this year but Austin is gonna be a pirate again LOL. I think Hailey will fit into Aly's lil Eyore costume hehe soooooo cute can't wait to take pics yahooo. Oh well enough babblin for this morn and off to do some more work! Happy Scrappin' Everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Precious Moments pages & Annscraps Sept Kit

Ok I have been pretty busy this week tryin to figure out website language LOl What a mess Why do they have to make things soooo confusing LMAO. I did manage to get both my pages done for Melanie's Precious Moments kit I love this one. I love that frame and the silver swirly hehe This one uses my cousin's daughters pics with my sisters dog lol I loved how they looked and they look awesome with this kit!Here is my Hailey girls first smiles hehe shes such a cutie pie!!! She laughs and giggles now and its soo adorable to watch her. She is gettin sooo BIG already. I have to put some clothes away that are too small for her already. CRIESSS!! They just grow up too darn fast.
Here is Andrea's sept add on. She has some exciting news....shes a CT member now and has been doin some beautiful pages I might just post some next post cuz they are soo pretty I love her scrappin' style and always look forward to seeing her pages.

Okies that was my babblin for today have to get back to real work LOL Have a great day everyone and of course ...Happy Scrappin'!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quick Post!

I thought I would take a break from designing to come leave a lil babbling session here LOL
I finished my second layout for Melanie Ann's Designs yest. This page is done with kit: Spring Fling. It has such cute colors and I LOVE that doodle hehe. I had to go snoopin in my own pics on Facebook to find some of my lil Hailey girl. I love how this page turned out!! Soooo cute if you haven't already you should stop by Mel's store to check out her kits she has some pretty cute stuff. Can go by clicking here.

Here's a lil something I found while I was snoopin this aft LOL
This is a page done by a friend on Facebook. Way to go Linda I love it!!

Okies I need to get back to designing or my hubby will kick my butt!! HAHA Our new shoppe is gonna open soon. I am sooo excited! I hope you all will come visit when its open. I will keep ya posted on the progress. We will have lotsa FREEBIES and some great contests to get MORE FREEBIES hehe And some awesome specials for our grand opening! Ta Ta for now, and Happy Scrappin Everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Just another day!

Well I didn't do much yesterday except for make a scrapbook page for my sister. Shes takin travel in school and she has to do a scrapbook so I was happy to help of course hehe She sent me the pictures and this is what I came up with. I had alot of fun makin it for her. I miss them sooo much!
This is the layout I finished this morn for Melanie's Spring Fling kit. I used a picture of my cousins daughter Sheighanne. She's a cutie and this is such a lil girls kit hehe perfect for lil girls. I can't wait to use it with pictures of mine!

Anddddd heres a peek at my Nov Freebie coming as soon as I get my other puter up and runnin again hehe

I am goin to work on my website some today so Happy Scrappin Everyone!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Andrea's page!!

I am sooo happy with this high speed it makes it so great when I'm in hurry to go somewhere lol I had to come make a quickie post with Andreas new page using my kit soo cute her lil girl is just too adorable. Okies gotta run Happy Scrappin Everyone!!

Pickin on my sisters!! And oh boy is it fun!

I have finished my 2 layouts for Melanie's Zesty Summer kit and I just love um!
I still have to go snoopin on Facebook to get some pics to scrap Sooooooo it's my sisters lucky day hehe. They are both so beautiful and I love and miss them so much. I can't wait to do more pages I am having way too much fun! I have to go get ready to go to a parent teacher conference tonight so don't have that much time to post so Happy Scrappin Everyone! Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My new page and some Freebies!

Woohooo my modem just got here and right on time too LOL I just finished my second page using Mel's Chocoberry Creme too so here it is and some freebies Happy Scrappin Everyone!

Andrea's August Kit

Wow Andrea LOVE the new blog! Way to go, looks like you been a busy Bee LOL I just love the background...maybe cuz its doodles and I am a doodle addict hehe but it's great!
Here is Andreas new August kit everyone. Make sure you stop by her new blog to grab it and leave her some love too. She deserves it.

I am in the process of makin my 2nd page for Mel's Chocoberry kit and I am loving it hehe so I will be back to babble some more and post my new page. I may even search for some freebies if I have time. I'm in freebies mood hehe I got the news yesterday that everything was FINE was A OK So I am in a mood and just a happy camper today ANDDDD I am waiting for my new high speed modem to get here today so that helps in my mood LOL
Happy Scrappin Everyone! TTFN!

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Page with Melanie Ann's Chocoberry Creme

Yeah I am finally done my first layout for Melanie Ann's Designs woohooo!
I was half way done and Photoshop got a lil stuck and I had to shut it down so I had to start ALL OVER again that sucked but I finally got it finished and I just love it. My pics are all on my old puter so I had to go on Facebook and swipe some pics from my sisters hehe...not like thats a first lol It turned out so pretty I just love the colors in this kit and that zipper hehe Had to use it twice I loved it soo much haha I put in "Mom would be so proud!" because I know she would be knowing her 2 girls are both goin to school. One in Travel and one in Early Childhood Education. I know I am so proud of them and miss them soooo much.

Well I thought I would come to post this and then go posting it on galleries. The nurse said the test results were in on my Biopsy and the doc would call me back around 1 so I am a lil bit nervous. But at least I know I will find out today and no more waiting so I am happy about that!
Anyways Happy Scrappin Everyone! I'm off for now!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ok so I'm back again!

Well I was all set to get off here when I checked my other email and found this waiting for me! Thank you so much Maggie I love it and am so glad you liked workin with it. This is so exciting seeing these layouts with my kit hehe

Still awake!!

Ok so I'm still awake and Hailey is fast asleep in her bassinet!! So why am i still awake you ask??? HAHA Well I got picked to be on Melanie Chynoweth's CT. I am so excited. So I am raring to go trying to figure out how to add my blinkie hehe Well I was successful at gettin it on my blog now if I could just get it in my signature hehe that would be great but I guess I did good for it being 5:40 in the morn!! Let's see if I can post it here now to share...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On a new note this new puter is awesome I am soo happy to have windows xp again and Photoshop is fun to learn it will deffinately be a challenge i will gladby be up for. But I have noticed something very disturbing...LMAO...All my pics look different on this monitor HAHA
Long story short Aly was messin with the buttons on the monitor a while back and when I caught her well needless to say the screen was all messed up and we just couldn't figure out for the life of us what she pressed. Wellll so all this time we been workin with a messed up screen and the windows would go off the side and was all warped haha. Well now I look at my pages and they all look kinda squished so I am kinda a lil dissapointed and wondering if they look alright to everyone out there lol or is it just me not used to this screen yet haha. I usually scrap in 8x10 so I can eventually print some and get them framed, but now they look all squished lol so I'm hopin to GAWWD that it is just my eyes not used to the "normal" monitor haha
Oh well what can ya do!!
A funny story well not so funny when Joel brought the computer home I was all excited tryin to hook it up so we could check it out...wellll it wouldnt turn on. We couldn't find the button other then the one at the back to turn it on so we searched and searched. haha Turns out it was on the side. Soooo after all that we pressed the button and NOTHING! By that time I was getttin so frustrated and worried that it wasn't goin to work we tried it in 4 different outlets to see haha. Then I remembered that I had to unwrap the cord and it was brand new so his friend must have used another one when he built the computer so we tried to use our plug from our old computer and sure enough lol it worked. We were sooo happy and relieved buttt now we can't use our old puter. So thats not so funny cuz ALL my scrapbooking stuff is on there...CRIESS!!! Hopefully we can get a new one soon and a new keyboard and mouse lol

Ok I think I am done babbling now and Austin is up and hungry LOl a typical lil boy for ya
I posted some of Melanie's kits that I just can't wait to get my hands on hehe

I love the zipper on this one and that heart with the beads on it its soo cute I love the colors pink and brown together!

This one it's the frames that I absolutely can't wait to use and those big stitches so fun and the colors are great too!The DOODLE flower in this is my fav woohoo I just love doodles hehe

Again the frames are awesome and that metal swirly woohoo I have ideas to use this one for my lil precious Hailey heheAgain DOODLES hehe this ones awesome more my lil Alys speed here It's gonna be so cool to work with these kits and I just can't wait you should check out her design's here

Ok I am off for the rest of the day...I think lol Happy Scrappin everyone and have a GREAT weekend!!

Up with Hailey at 4am with new layout!

The title says it all. I decided to check my email while rockin Hailey back to sleep and got a lil surprise hehe I received this cute layout from Mel. Thank you for sharin it with me. It's so fun to see what ppl are doin with my first kit. I am so happy you all like it. Well this is gonne be a quickie post LOL I just had to come post I was so happy hehe Happy scrappin everyone and hopefully I will be happy sleepin again in a few mins LOL

Friday, October 12, 2007

My first Layout my Annscraps mum!! hehe

Looky what I got hehe Andreas mom made a page using my freebie! Yeahhh. Thanks so much for sharing I love it. I love the b/w photo. And Poonie.....hehe...you look A LOT like your mom.
Thanks soo much for sharing it with me Andrea.

I have to make this a quick post this morn cuz I have an apt at 8:30 AM lol
What in the world was I thinkin when I made that I dunno haha Aly decided to get up last night at 1 and then Haiely was still up until 2:30 it was a crazy crazy night so can ya say NAPPPPP TIME when I get back home LOL
Anyways I just wanted to share a challenge that I am deffinately goin to fit in some time for this week even if I don't make the deadline I still want to do it. It's about Cancer awareness month so it's one that will be special to me and I am sure there will be some crying to go along with it
You can find it here on the FPD blog. They have a few pink freebies as well but I don't have time to wait for this slow puter to load them lol So be sure to check them out.
Anyways gotta run hope you all have a great day and Happy Scrappin!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting is hard!

I decided to post a preview of the colors to my Halloween kit for Nov. I am goin to have it ready and up for Nov 1st just in time to scrap all those Halloween pics. In between that I am workin on the website and some other kits I will have coming soon yeahh! This is fun I wish I would have found this wonderful hobby sooner LOL

Here are the colors...it is turning out to be a very fun kit and can't wait to have it finished.

As for my 1st kit I am surprised at all the downloads. I am glad ppl like it and hope to see some layouts using it. It would be fun to see what ya can come up with using it.
I am goin to be offline all day today and tomorrow as I am waiting to hear back from my Doctor about a biopsy that was done last week so i am a little bit afraid and tryin to keep my mind off of that part of my day! It's kinda scary seeing as how my mom died from Cancer. Watchin her go through what she did was the hardest thing I will ever have to go through in my life I think.
On to a better topic I might be gettin my new puter as soon as tomorrow. I sooooo can't wait! This old puter is soooooo slow it's not even funny. Anyways gonna check my email and sign off for the day and happy Scrappin Everyone!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh Canada!!! I miss HOME!

Wow Andrea has done it yet AGAIN! This one is makin me just a lil' home sick tho. I miss Canada and my family so much. Great job again. I think this is a favorite yet, until next kit she does then that one will be my fav EH? haha

As for my next kit I have started it already and I am so happy with it and can't wait to post it. I am workin on it and my website tho so I am not goin to rush it. It is a Halloween kit and I promise it will be ready just in time to scrap those fun spooky pictures!
I am so excited I acn't wait. The week is going by as slow as possible tho it seems. I should have it by beginning of next week. I will have windows XP again, OH how I have missed that LOL
Windows 98 just isn't cuttin it! I am so glad cuz it's wayyy faster than this one and will make designing so much more fun hehe. Anyways I guess I better to get supper ready and get off this computer.

Happy Scrappin Everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's here!! I'm finally done!!

Ok I finally got my freebie done and I am soo happy. It turned out pretty good I think anyways LOL I hope everyone else is as happy as I am too! If you decide to use it for your layouts pretty please with a cherry on top PLEASE!!!!! send me a copy of your layout, I would love to see what you have come up with. I will even put it on my blog for everyone to see.
Email me @ jessie_lee55@hotmail.com

I forgot all about the digi-dare for this week cuz I was sooo busy but when I checked this afternoon I got some pretty exciting news...I WON! My very first entry! So I was pretty excited about that and I am goin to deffinatly have to fit in some time to make a page for this weeks dare. You should also check it out here.

Ok back to workin on the web site so Happy Scrappin everyone and hope you enjoy my freebie.
Please let me know what ya think!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I have been pretty busy lately and have been workin on my new website... what a mess LOL
I really wish I knew more about web design then I do hehe
Anyways I will be working on that till it is ready to launch...those were strict orders from my hubby lol Then I will be finishin my freebie kit. I hope it is worth waiting for. But for now I will be keeping an eye on Andrea and shes got an awesome June kit up, go check it out and give her a lil love she's been doin awesome!!

Anyways I guess I need to go learn some webbie stuff LOl Happy scrappin to you all and I wish I could be scrappin hehe

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some of my Fav Pages!

I found another designer that is looking for a CT Member and decided to give it another try and apply and here are some of my fav pages i have posted.
The first 2 pages are 2 of my favs.

This one because of a friend who
called me a scrapbooking machine.
I thought it was funny at first but
then got the idea for this page. It
was fun to make a page containing
some of my pages inside of a page.
It's nice to know that ppl like to
look at my work. And I always
enjoy hearing ppl's comments
of course.

This one is one of my most favorites
of all I have done just because I
challenged myself to try something
different and it turned out even
better then I imagined and on the
first try. I enjoy working with layers
and blending the pictures together
to make a great page to look back at
and remember and this one is going
to be framed for my wall...hehe

I tried to just pic a few and this is what I ended up with...LOL I just absolutely love scrappin and the memories it creates other than just plain pictures. It's great and I am so glad I stumbled on this LIL' Hobby. I'm sure my kids will thank me later on to have all these great pages to look back on...

Anyways thats all for me today my hubby is sick today and I have a doctors apt tomorrow so I won't be on much in the next few days. Happy scrappin everyone and I am soo happy at the turnout of my freebie templates. To all of you who downloaded them I would love to see what ya can do with them. Maybe I will make a special freebie just for those who send me a link or an email with their page.
My email is: jessie_lee55@hotmail.com
How about this if I get 10 ppl that send me a page, I will make a special surprise freebie and give it to the first 10 and I will post your pages on my blog. Happy scrappinand look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SMILES!!!!!!!!! And a freebie I want!!

Ok I have been tryin to catch this beatiful face on camera for a couple of days...

My HAILEY is smiling!! Wohoooo She's such a cutie pie. Now if this isn't a reason to get out the scrapbook kits...I don't know what would be!!

Here is a kit I want but have to wait to dl till we get high speed...which is ordered YEAH!! It's not really high speed but it's higher then I have now and it's through cable so I won't be hoggin the phone line hehe which I tend to do a LOT!! Ok be sure to check it out. You have to register but it's the free kit for October and I just love all the pinks.

Happy Scrappin Everyone I know I will be happy scrappin my babygirls first smile on camera hehe.