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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Still awake!!

Ok so I'm still awake and Hailey is fast asleep in her bassinet!! So why am i still awake you ask??? HAHA Well I got picked to be on Melanie Chynoweth's CT. I am so excited. So I am raring to go trying to figure out how to add my blinkie hehe Well I was successful at gettin it on my blog now if I could just get it in my signature hehe that would be great but I guess I did good for it being 5:40 in the morn!! Let's see if I can post it here now to share...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On a new note this new puter is awesome I am soo happy to have windows xp again and Photoshop is fun to learn it will deffinately be a challenge i will gladby be up for. But I have noticed something very disturbing...LMAO...All my pics look different on this monitor HAHA
Long story short Aly was messin with the buttons on the monitor a while back and when I caught her well needless to say the screen was all messed up and we just couldn't figure out for the life of us what she pressed. Wellll so all this time we been workin with a messed up screen and the windows would go off the side and was all warped haha. Well now I look at my pages and they all look kinda squished so I am kinda a lil dissapointed and wondering if they look alright to everyone out there lol or is it just me not used to this screen yet haha. I usually scrap in 8x10 so I can eventually print some and get them framed, but now they look all squished lol so I'm hopin to GAWWD that it is just my eyes not used to the "normal" monitor haha
Oh well what can ya do!!
A funny story well not so funny when Joel brought the computer home I was all excited tryin to hook it up so we could check it out...wellll it wouldnt turn on. We couldn't find the button other then the one at the back to turn it on so we searched and searched. haha Turns out it was on the side. Soooo after all that we pressed the button and NOTHING! By that time I was getttin so frustrated and worried that it wasn't goin to work we tried it in 4 different outlets to see haha. Then I remembered that I had to unwrap the cord and it was brand new so his friend must have used another one when he built the computer so we tried to use our plug from our old computer and sure enough lol it worked. We were sooo happy and relieved buttt now we can't use our old puter. So thats not so funny cuz ALL my scrapbooking stuff is on there...CRIESS!!! Hopefully we can get a new one soon and a new keyboard and mouse lol

Ok I think I am done babbling now and Austin is up and hungry LOl a typical lil boy for ya
I posted some of Melanie's kits that I just can't wait to get my hands on hehe

I love the zipper on this one and that heart with the beads on it its soo cute I love the colors pink and brown together!

This one it's the frames that I absolutely can't wait to use and those big stitches so fun and the colors are great too!The DOODLE flower in this is my fav woohoo I just love doodles hehe

Again the frames are awesome and that metal swirly woohoo I have ideas to use this one for my lil precious Hailey heheAgain DOODLES hehe this ones awesome more my lil Alys speed here It's gonna be so cool to work with these kits and I just can't wait you should check out her design's here

Ok I am off for the rest of the day...I think lol Happy Scrappin everyone and have a GREAT weekend!!

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