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I am a SAHM of 3 . Austin (11), Alyssa (3), and lil Hailey who is just a year old. I have a lil hobby that you all might be familiar with...SCRAPBOOKING!
I have been Digi Scrappin for almost 2 years now and Designing for a lil over a year, but I have been a Paint Shop Pro Addict for years.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chooo Chooooo! Hop on board!

Well I have been sooo busy for so long. I have a couple other sites in the works that I have been working on behind the scenes. I soooo can't wait to be finished and move on with business. Anyways I know I have been a bad blogger and been neglecting my lil space on the net. I am almost caught up on things and will be around more I promise!
Do you like my new look? I made a new kit for Valentine's Day, but it is so not your regular Val Day kit heehee. I wanted to make Austin's cards for school this year instead of buying those boring ones in the box. He's 11 now and I wanted to make him something special he could give to his friends. Including his "GIRLFRIEND" heehee. That is a whle other topic tho on it's own haha. I am still letting it sink in that he even has one.I finally finished the kit last night and wanted to have some sample LO's to show you but unfortunately my ftp was acting up last night so it took a while for me to get it uploaded.
Here are the previews for it. It is called Choch 'n' Roll Kisses. Austin helped me name it, I just love it heehee.

Not all papers are shown

Not all elements are shown

I always put my kits on sale for 25% off for the first week of release so you won't want to miss out. Click on the preview to go to the Shoppe. I am also making a Feb desktop with it YAY! So you deffinately won't want to lose this addy! :P I do predict ScrapKitten in your Future! "GIGGLES"

Anyways enough babblin and on with the reason why I am here today. I got to participate in the Feb Blog train. This was so much fun and I will be hoppin around from Blog to blog myself when Hailey is nappin and Aly is outside heehee. Here is a preview of my part to the kit.
Here is my download
Please remember that we have designers on different time zones so if their link is not up yet please go back to pick up their part later.
Here is a slideshow of all our parts. It was too HUGE to make a preview heehee.

Here is the Blog Train Blog: http://www.blogtrainblog.blogspot.com Just in case you get lost along the way.
Here is a list of all the Blog addy's...
Designs by Wendy Pagehttp://www.hauntedpixels.net/
Jeanette Bollinger Designshttp://www.acmommy28.blogspot.com/
Vintage Paris Princess Designshttp://www.vintageparisprincess.blogspot.com
I hope you have fun hoppin. If ya can squeeze me in drop a comment heehee. I always love to hear from my visitors. Have a great rest of the weekend and Happy Scrappin! Come back soon.