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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Contest Entry!

I just finished a page for a contest on Facebook. If you are on it you should check it out here
It's for fun and it's nice to see other ppls entries for each theme. I love Facebook LOL it's great to have fellow scrapbookers as friends and seeing everyone's work.

I used New Hope by: Melothria (link to her freebie in my list) for this page and added some extras as well, thats something I tend to do alot. I LOVE flowers and swirls and LOTS of elements.

I am off to try to design my blog header then try to figure out how to put it up LOL so it might not be up for awhile till to master that HAHA Then I am gonna move Austin's room around. I moved my room around and the living room yest afternoon and now he wants his moved LOL
We got our first Netflix movie today WOOHOOO! It's The Omen 666 with Julia Stiles can't wait to watch it so that's on my list of stuff to do LOL I am babblin on and on so will call it a day for bloggin lol Have a great evening everyone!

Finished page and HATING dial up LOL

So I was sittin here finishin my page up, waiting for an awesome kit to dl, sharing a bagel with Aly, and listening to Pop Goes the weasel and POP goes my internet LOL with only 5 mins left for my dl. I am soooo mad. I HATE dial up soo bad with a passion x 100. it takes soo long to dl a kit and then when it is almost done to lose the dl is sooo frustrating!!
Anyways I finished the page I have been workin on and I loveeee it The kit is soo awesome I can't wait for the rest of the parts to it.

I used Pink Paradise by: AmelieScrap

I am having some troubles figuring out how to change the logo at the top I want to make my own design but have no clue how to put it at the top of the page if anyone can help me I would be soooooo grateful LOL I am still new to this blog thing but I see it can get a lil addictive hehe
Well it's almost soaps time and nap time for Aly so I will try to make another page woohoo! I am goin to dig around for some pics of Austin this time! I will be back later.

The lil man is off to school and the big man is off to work. That leaves the girls at home...the lil girl is fed and sleepin and the big girl has her Blue's Clues on. That means mommy can play on the computer hehe I have found some freebies and I'm off to check facebook my other addiction hehe and finish a page I have been workin on for a couple of days. I miss all the scrapbooking time I had LOL I have been tryin to figure out how to make kits myself. I am so excited to start designing my own. I am tryin to convince my hubby to let me have Photoshop so I can learn on it so we will see how that works hehe I have noticed there are alot more tutorials for Photoshop then Paint Shop Pro and I have been wanting to learn something new anyways! I hope you all like the freebies I found, I know I can't wait to dl them. I will post my new page when I am finished...hopefully that will be today LOL

I almost forgot the fall kit is only available for 24 hours so hurry up and get it!