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Thursday, September 20, 2007

So excited!! ...First Template!!


Ok I have to make this a quickie post cuz I am in the middle of makin supper but I just had to had to come post my TEMPLATE!! YEAHHH!! Can ya tell I am just a lil happy? hehe
I am soo excited to see what you all think and if anyone is interested in using it for one of your pages. I would love some feedback please. And if you use it please send me a link or email me @ ...jessie_lee55@hotmail.com and I will post your page on my blog!

This is my page I did awhile ago that I based my template on cuz I loved how it turned out!

To download the template please click on the image. I almost forgot the password to download is ...cookie...I'm sorry if you have tried to dl and failed this is my first try at this I will only learn and get better LOL

Hope you enjoy!! It will be hard to wait till morn to check back again!! LOL

Lot's of goodies!!

Wow! I found alot of goodies this morn, it helped that I had a head start. I was searchin for freebies at 2 in the morn tryin to get my lil Hailey girl to go to sleep. I am in desperate need of finding a solution to this days and nights switcheroo! I am sooo exhausted it's not even funny.
One daughter sleeps her nights one daughter sleeps days...what's a mommy to do???
I might have to convince Aly to lie down with me in bed today to watch a movie so I can sneak in a lil nap hehe. Good luck to ME!
I am so excited about the freebies I found some I have been looking for for awhile to make some pages lol. The school kit with the crayons I have had pics for over a month just waiting for the idea and not having the right stuff lol so woohoo to that. Oh and I am soo happy at part 2 of AmelieScraps Pink Paradise I just love that kit so much. I had to go searchin for more of her freebies and have them listed and can't wait to dl the ones i don't have. I found some cool templates I can't wait to work with too woohoo. I am now addicted to templates I may even try to make some of my own from pages I have done. I would love to see ppl use them and see what they come up with. I think its so fun to see other ppls work. Everyone has their own style!
Anyways I am gonna go eat some breakfast and work on a dare page I am soo glad I found that site cuz it gave me an awesome idea for a page hehe you should check it out here.
I just love to find contests and challenges to get inspiration for pages. Hmmm theres an idea lol
Maybe I will try to think of some challenges lol. Ok I guess I should go eat beforte i just ramble and ramble on and on like I already have lol Have a great day everyone! I will be back to post my dare page when it's done if I can manage to finish it today LOL Waves and finally I will go hehe!