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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Page and Preview!!!

So I got distracted AGAIN! That seems to happen alot with me...hehe.
I decided to use Andrea's new kit for a page. it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
As I said before I just love the colors of this kit thanks again Andrea for sharing!
I had to recolor some swirls black just cuz it's an addiction with me I love black/white swirls and doodles in my pages LOL

Now onto some very exciting news for me!! I am starting my very first FREEBIE KIT.....YaHooooooo lol. Can ya tell I am just a lil excited? I was sittin down feeding Hailey and watchin Alyssa play and I just got a theme pop into my head by something she was wearing HAHA And then I got another idea by one of Haileys outfits. I am gona be busy for the next few days LOL Anyways I am off to clean up a lil before Austin gets home from school so we can make his page. I LOVE that I can share my love or more like ADDICTION with him LOL

Happy Scrappin Everyone!!

Buttermilk Buddy!

Woohoo! I love this page! I got a lil sidetracked on my search for a digi-dare to do LOL
I found this pic and got an idea and here it is. Alyssa just loves her buttermilk. Austin and I don't like it at all....EWWW. But Daddy is super happy that he now has a reason to buy it cuz it's..."for Alyssa" HAHA
I used retrodiva's Autumn kit for this page ...have I said I just love her stuff before?? LOL

Ok I'm off to make another page while Aly is sleepin Yeah! I'm on a roll.

Another great kit!

I have another great kit from Andrea. I just love the colors in this one!! I know I said that to her last one but I am such a girly girl and love scrappin with lots of colors for my girls and this one is my kind of kit! GREAT job Andrea!

I actually got a lil over 5 hours of sleep last night yeahhhh! Hailey finally went to sleep around 12:30 and then I had to get up at 6 of course to get the boys ready to leave for the day. I was so happy she was still asleep, if only that could happen every night hehe.
I had so much fun doin the digi-dare yesterday that I am now on a search for another dare to do from their dares in the past LOL. It was fun to go and see everyone elses entry for this dare. I just love to see what ppl come up with and get ideas for my own pages. I am in a scrappy mood this morn after some sleep so I am not gonna hunt for freebies instead work on a page of my own woohoo! I will come back later to post when I am done and when Austin gets home from school I promised him we would make a page together with the soccer kit I posted the other day LOL He's all excited I have created a lil scrappin monster. He loves to scrap but I am always hoggin the computer I have to learn to share...BAD Mommy HAHA
Sooo I will post it too later, he's actually a good lil srapper LOL
I will share the first page he did with ya. He did everything...well...He told me what he wanted where he wanted it and i did the work but it was all his idea and I thought it was a pretty good page for a 10 year old boy LOL

Ok so I'm off to scrap! Happy Scrappin everyone!