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I am a SAHM of 3 . Austin (11), Alyssa (3), and lil Hailey who is just a year old. I have a lil hobby that you all might be familiar with...SCRAPBOOKING!
I have been Digi Scrappin for almost 2 years now and Designing for a lil over a year, but I have been a Paint Shop Pro Addict for years.
You can find lotsa babbling and sometimes freebies and sales to my stores.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FREEBIES!! New stuff! Announcements!! And don't forget some BABBLE!! Oh and just a LIL Blog train heehee Choooo Chooo!!

WOW! Do I have a LOT to Babble on about today heehee. Hope you are ready to stay a while giggles. I promise i will keep it straight to the point. Well I will try i always tend to babble on just a lil bit. Alright before i start right away I have a sale on this month.

From now till April 20th every $2 spent in the ScrapKitten Shoppe will earn you 1 ticket in a drawing for a $50 Coupon to my products ONLY. So spend $10 get 5 chances at the prize. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Have fun and I hope you enjoy.

As for the announcements I have i am still looking for help in the ScrapKitten Forum. If you would like to get my products free and help me out at the same time this is an opportunity for YOU!

First I am looking for a few posting team members who love to BABBLE just like me. giggles. All you have to do is post, post, post! The more you post the more prizes you will get! Sounds simple huh? If you think you can handle it please email me at scrapkittenadmin@gmail.com with posting team in the subject line.

Next position I am looking to fill is a Challenge Hostess who will be in charge of keeping the ScrapKitten Forum full of fun challenges. You will also be in charge of keeping track of the points system and prizes. In return you will get my products and any challenge prizes as well. Please if you are intersted, email me at scrapkittenadmin@gmail.com with Challenge Hostess in the subject line. If you are already involved in hosting some challenges at another site provide a link so I can see what ya got.
I almost forgot to add that i NEED some new CREATIVE TEAM Members!! After being gone for so long and out of touch i have only a few members left so i really want to add some more. So if you think you can do 2 pages per kit and post in 3 galleries send me an email. I would love to hear from you and add you to my team. Be sure to send me your most up to date link to your gallery.
Add CT Call in the subject line.
Alright now for the new April Collab!
Spring Candy!
It's gorgeous this month with some absolutely gorgeous colour combos. It is on sale for 2 DAYS ONLY! So go grab it up now and also get your chance at that $50 Coupon WooHooo!

Preview is linked to the Shoppe
Please see more detailed images in the Shoppe. I had to edit this post cuz it was tooo long. Go figure hehe.

I made the 2 quickpages I made for the Collab into LO's for you to see how well these colours go together and what great LO's can be made YAY!
This is my daughter Alyssa and she just LOVES puzzles, I mean she does puzzles that are beyond her age of what it says on the box hehe. I know I'm a braggin Momma but she just amazes me. I love to sit and watch her do them and see her lil eyes looking for those pieces giggles.

Here are both Alyssa and Hailey. I just love taking pics of the both of them together. They don't always cooperaet that well especially hailey LOL Shes soo not in the mood and doesn't want to sit still long enough HAHA But Aly on the other hand is a lil POSER!!

Now for some Freebies. Here is the Daily download that will be posted soon in the ScrapKitten Forum. You have to be a member to get the download. So head on over there and taker a look around. I would love the chance to get to know you all and play some games.

After the month is over this is the kit you will end up with if you come back every day to pick up the pieces.

Anddddddd drum ROLL PLEASE!! I FINALLY did it! I got my Welcome to ScrapKitten Forum Kit FINISHED!! I am soo proud of myself and getting most of what I wanted to get done this month YAY. I fill like such a good Digi Designer now hehe. So again you have to be a member to receive this kit. It's HUGE and soooo much fun to work with! I woukld LOVE LOVE it if you posted your LO's with it in our Gallery so we can see what you did with it.

I see the end a nearing hehe. Phews if I am sore from typing I am guessing you are sore from reading all this HAHA But I promise it is well worth it. Here is my April Desktop I made with the April Collab Spring Candy. I already have it on my Desktop and I am jut loving it. Such fun and bright coloours to get me out of this gloomy rainy day LOL. Hope you like it.
Click the image to download.

Ok chugga chugga chugga, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!
I can finally give you what you all have been waiting for. The April Blog Train YAY!!! I have been waiting just as patiently as you all have been for this one. Well patience is sometimes not my strongest suit but hey i can try giggles. WOWOWOW You should see all these delicious pieces your gonna get. After I get some SLEEP I will be right behind ya Chuggin along. I am going to blog hop my lil heart out.
Alright i am kinda in a rush and as much as I soo wanted to show a preview here I am going to send you over to the Blog Train Blog to see for yourself and just incase you get lost along the way , that's a good place to get back on track.
I have edited my post to include the list of blogs...
Pixie Perfect Designs www.pixieperfectdesigns.com/blog
**You are here**
Randi Oh Designs http://www.randioh.com
MoveFearlessly Designs http://www.movefearlessly.com/blog
Laura Bozeman Designs http://www.kookaloo.com
91 designers which equals at least: 364 papers, 546 elements with at least 2 alphas!
Here is my portion! Click the image to download.
The next person on the list is Randi Oh! I am happy to be sending you on over to her giggles.
Please Please remember, This blog train is 91 participants long. We are from all over the world in many different time zones. Please allow a full 24 hours for all blog train links to be completely active. You may visit http://www.theblogtrainblog.blogspot.com/ for links to every contribution. Thank You.
Ok I THINK I am all finished babbling on for today. I will be around in a few days for a special freebie giggles so COME ON BACK!
For now...Happy Scrappin and hope you have a GREAT DAY. I should go feed my girls LOL
PS. Don't forget to leave a lil love i alwasy love to hear your comments


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you very much!

Puzzle said...

Thank you for sharing ♥♥♥

EnchantedCropper said...

Thanks for your beautiful piece of the blog train. Happy spring!

RandiOh said...

i am sending love love love! :) haven't d/l any of the train yet.. but i shall!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 01 Apr [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 02 Apr [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Peg said...

Thank you so much for sharing your work and contributing to this fabulous train!!

Elaine said...

Thank you for sharing, Love it!

TerriM said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely contribution to the train. Hugs --xoxo!! (terri - hawaii)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Thank you SO much!!

craftychic said...

Thank you :)

Magnolia said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Silvie said...

Thank you very much for your part of the blog train freebie!

amsangel said...

Thanks for sharing this great kit! Love the wreath!

Tami said...

Thank you for sharing! This mega kit is so delightful.

Sue said...

Really pretty kit, thank you so much for your part of this wonderful Blog Train

Mélisandre said...

Wow! thank you so much for the deskstop! I love it! :)))

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful contribution to this blog train.

Rhonda said...

Very pretty! Thank-you so much!

txgwen said...

Many thanks for your generosity in sharing your gorgeous kit!

Josie said...

Thanks for your lovely part of this terrific blog train gift!!

tradewinds77 said...

You made this blog train brighter. Thank you.

Marianna said...

So PRETTY! Thank you!

Brenda said...

Thanks so much :-D

Tink said...

What a great kit. Love the wreath. Wishing you the best on filling your CT.

Elaine said...

Toot, toot, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your part of the kit!

Lynncal said...

Thanks for the pretty desktop and blog train goodies, they are very pretty!

Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing! Your stop on the blog train is awesome.

nikki said...

Thank you!!!

MemoryKeeper said...

WoW Jessie, thanks so much for this fabulous addition to the April Blog Train!

Here’s to more happy scrapping, and
Hugs from the heart,

Come scrap your blog with me…
Easy Custom Blogs


Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

boop1935-kentucky said...

thanks so much for sharing your talent on this train

Sara said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful part of the train. Hugs

Betty said...

thanks heaps Jessie for sharing your wonderful p[art of the spring blossoms blog train.

Laura B. said...

Thank You!!!

CT said...

Thank you!

Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Thanks for the great blog train freebies!!

Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Thanks for the great blog train freebies!!

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Stephaniendui said...

thanks heaps Jessie for sharing your wonderful p[art of the spring blossoms blog train. hugz betty

Wehrmanuchj said...

Thank You!!!

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