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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Waiting!! And a couple layouts!!

Waiting patiently is not my strongest quality!

Waiting is such a hard thing for me. I am the one who was always snoopin for her x-mas presents and not wanting to wait to open them LOL. I am the one who tries to get secrets and surprises outta everyone cuz I just can't stand not knowing something! I can be very sneaky to get what I want LOL. Now my hubby knowing this about me came home last night without a new car like he was supposed to...and informed me that he will bring it home tomorrow night, which is TONIGHT!! Now of course I asked what kind of car what color and so on what any normal person would do LOL. What does my hubby say you ask? It a piece of metal with 4 wheels and blah blah blah...How frustrating is that? VERY He is such a BUTT that he doesn't budge either. When he wants to keep something from me theres not really that much I can do to make him change his mind LOL Sooooo now I have to sit at home all day long wondering what kind what color and so on. But on the good part at least we r gettinthe new car cuz our car just needs to go before it breaks down on the road HA not something we need. Anyways thats all my babblin for today I just had to get that off my chest for whoever is reading LOL

Here are my 2 pages for Melanie Ann's Cherry Blossom kit. Its got pretty colors and a fun envelope LOL I love the fun stuff! This one is a pic I stole of of Facebook LOL of my cousin Cassandra and my other cousins babygirl Sheighanne. I thought it was a cute picture so had to mage a page out of it.

Here are some pics of Hailey I haven't yet played with lol so I grabbed them off of facebook too. I decided to try something a lil different then I have been doin lately cuz I haven't had much time to scrap and pages and I miss it soo much!
You can pick up this kit here if you like it. Ok I am off to work on the website which is coming along AWESOME!! Hubby wants to have it open for Thanksgiving. We will have lots of fun stuff and Freebies for our Grand Opening!! Yayy Can't wait. Happy Scrappin Everyone!!

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