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Monday, September 17, 2007

Recent pages I have made.

Ok here are some of my recent pages I have done!!

This page turned out absolutely amazing I am going to frame it for my wall lol

I used all different things for this page from here and there lol I have a habit of doing that lol

This page I just LOVE I love how my Aly is with her new baby sister! She's like a lil mommy hehe

I used Kiss Me for this one it's perfect lol

This is a funny story...I was called a scrabooking machine by a friend of mine and thought that was funny. Buttt then got the idea for a page ...hehe

I used Old News by Raspberry Road

This page is a recent fav of mine I am down in the states but am from Canada and I miss my family and ESPECIALLY my sisters the most!! I haven't seem them in almost 4 years...:((

I used Pretty in pink and brown

This page is too funny!! I was playin around with the camera just snappin pics and when I saw this one I was a little shocked and showed Daddy and he said you should do a scrapbook page with "Who put tequila in my sippy cup" Well I sat with the pic for awhile cuz I couldn't think of a kit that would go well with it. I was searchin for frebies and came across Kim B's tequila template and that was it I knew I had to have it to make this page and when I saw the lemons I knew I had to use my Citrus Sea papers I had from Kim Crothers. It turned out Awesome and a little scary at the same time ...hehe

We went to the park last weekend and I had Hailey in the snuggly and while Daddy was pushin Alyssa on the swing I decided to swing a little bit also next to Austin. Andddd he decided to insist that he could go higher then I could. Well that was true because I was holding Hailey sooooo I made sure I told him that I could infact go higher then him and just wait till I don't have Haiely with me I would show him!!! HAHA Lil Brat!! I loved how this pic turned out so I had to of course make a page out of it.

I used retrodiva's Aidean Again Bonus.

This is a page I made with one of my favorite designers...retrodiva Her kit is the Freebie of the month I will post a link later on.


Kim Broedelet said...

Oh My Goodness- LOL, how AWESOME is that LO- I love the humour in it and the photo is PRICELESS! Great job!! Love your other LO's too- thanks soooo much for sharing it with me! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!
Sending hugs

Theresa said...

ooh, very pretty!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Theresa said...

ps....Missouri where! I'm in KC MO!! Nice to see other Missourians!!